UNEP-DHI Partnership
Given the importance of the strategic and operational relationships between UNEP and DHI, the Director of the Centre is employed by UNEP while other members of staff are employed by DHI. The Director is responsible for developing the Centre as well as for its daily operations.

Steering Committee of UNEP-DHI
The Steering Committee is made up of high-level representatives from DHI Water Policy, UNEP Division of Environmental Policy Implementation and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark. The Committee provides overall policy and management direction and guidance by:

  • Approving work plans, budget allocations, and substantive and financial reports
  • Reviewing the performance, results and financial accounts
  • Reviewing and approving major formal collaboration agreements; and
  • Reviewing and monitoring projects funded by other sponsoring organizations to ensure compliance with the Centre’s general mandate.

UNEP Scientific Advisory Group on Freshwater
The Scientific Advisory Group is a body of eminent professionals from the environment sector with a diverse range of skills and experiences. They are tasked with providing scientific and policy advice to the UNEP-DHI on its freshwater activities. This includes:

  • Broad strategic advice on the direction on the basis of existing and emerging global and regional issues on water and the environment; 
  • Specific advice on existing programmes and projects in water in relation to the direction and role of the UNEP-DHI; and
  • Assessment of the relevance, quality and impact of on-going and planned activities.

The SAG also facilitates links with national, regional, and international institutions which might benefit from or contribute to the work of UNEP-DHI.

UNEP-DHI Partnership is always open to collaborating with organizations that have similar or complementary interests. Organizations that we have a history of collaboration with include:

The African Ministers' Council on Water (AMCOW)
Cap-Net - Capacity Building Network for Integrated Water Resources Management (UNDP )
European Union Water Initiative
Global Water Partnership (GWP)
International Institute for Sustainable Development
International Water Association
International Water Management Institute (IWMI)
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark
UNESCO World Water Assessment Programme (WWAP)
UNESCO-IHE Institute of Water Education
United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)

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