IWRM Data Portal

Tracking country progress in implementation of IWRM


Enhanced capacity of countries and regions to utilize integrated approaches and principles of IWRM in management of their water resources is a particularly relevant work area of UNEP-DHI. The centre has completed a number of activities in capacity building for IWRM, development of national IWRM policies and plans, as well as publication on global status reports on the progress towards implementation of IWRM approaches globally.

UNEP-DHI’s work in the domain of IWRM to date has shown that there is a growing need for systematic data collection on IWRM, which is instrumental in establishing a baseline, monitoring improvements and ensuring informed decision making for better management of water within countries and basins. In addition to the national relevance of such data, the proposed Sustainable Development Goal on Water has drawn attention to the increasing need for global data on water governance and management, and particularly on the progress in adopting IWRM practices in countries.

Trying to address these needs, UNEP-DHI has recently launched the IWRM Data Portal - a powerful online tool to keep track of the global progress in implementation of Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) in countries. You can assess the IWRM Data Portal at http://iwrmdataportal.unepdhi.org/.

This data portal offers a comprehensive collection of national IWRM implementation progress data drawn from two global country IWRM progress surveys. The data made available through this portal allows to both, examine the progress of IWRM implementation within the individual countries, and to track the global progress towards better management of our water resources.

The information available via IWRM Data Portal includes:

  • Global overview of IWRM implementation status
  • Details of implementation of IWRM in countries 
  • Tool for tracking country IWRM implementation progress
  • Extensive database of country IWRM policies and plans
  • Compilation of country and global IWRM resources and water datasets

The primary data sources of this data portal are the two global IWRM surveys (years 2007 and 2011) containing self-reported country survey data assessing the progress and outcomes of the application of integrated approaches to the development, management and use of water resources.

In addition data from the global IWRM surveys, IWRM Data Portal contains a comprehensive database of national IWRM policies, plans, roadmaps and related resources. All data and resources can be searched by country and are updated on ongoing basis.

The main aim of this portal is to enable tracking of global IWRM implementation progress in countries (across a number of dimensions of IWRM). It is also envisioned that in time this data portal will include data from future global country surveys (possibly under the monitoring framework of SDG), as well as data from other high quality regional water governance and management assessments.

For more information please contact: Maija Bertule mabe@dhigroup.com or Chengzi Zhew czc@dhigroup.com.