Flood and Drought Management Webinars

UNEP-DHI Water Webinar series: Technology innovation for better Flood and Drought management

UNEP-DHI Partnership in collaboration with the International Water Association (IWA) and DHI is launching a series of technical webinars focusing on innovative approaches to Floods and Droughts planning and management for basins and water utilities. These webinars are primarily based on the outcomes of the ongoing Flood and Drought Management Tools project, but will also include guest presentations from external stakeholders and relevant organisations.

These webinars are targeted at water practitioners of all levels, including policy-makers, technical staff and water managers, as well as water educators. The aim of these series of webinars is to give insight to the role that innovative approaches can play in supporting floods and droughts management at all scales - from basin to catchment, water utility and industry levels. Presentations will cover a broad range of technical tools, emerging technology advances, as well as practical experiences in applying these tools and technologies on ground.

The series will include following two types of webinars (type of each webinar will be identified in the series programme):
  1. Technical webinar: typically a shorter session (30 min) with a single technology or tool presentation and a live demonstration
  2. Thematic topic webinar (30 to 50 min): with 2 or 3 presentations around a specific thematic topic or case study. Examples of thematic topics include urban flooding, drought management in Africa, water utility planning etc.

Webinar Series schedule is as follows:






Concluded Webinars

November, 24, 2016

15.00 CET

 Use of satellite data for drought and flood management (Technical presentation)
 - Oluf Jessen (Project manager, DHI): Background on the use of satellite data in drought and flood management

- Bertrand Richaud (Water resources expert, DHI): Live demonstration of an innovative data portal for floods and drought management

PDF of presentation

YouTube Recording


January 12, 2017

10:00 CET

Drought Management today - cases from Asia  - Dr. Sutat Weesakul (HAII, Thailand): Drought management in Thailand and community adaptation to flood and drought problems in Thailand

- Dr Giriraj Amarnath (Sub-theme leader, IWMI, Sri Lanka); Drought monitoring and warning in Sri Lanka

- Oluf Jessen (DHI): Drought risk management approaches implemented by the Flood and Drought management project in Asia

 PDF of presentation

YouTube Recording


February 28, 2017
13:00 CET

Drought early warning and assessment, experiences from Africa

Dr. Chris Shitote, FEWS NET: Drought early warning and monitoring in Africa

- Oluf Jessen, DHI: Improving resiliency of crops to drought through strengthened early warning in Ghana

PDF of presentation

YouTube Recording 


March 15, 2017

13.00 CET

Water Safety Plans – a risk management approach from catchment to consumer
 - An overview of Water Safety Plans by Kizito Masinde (Programmes Officer, IWA)

- Challenges, successes and lessons learned in WSP implementation by George Odero (Water Production Manager, KIWASCO, Kisumu, Kenya )


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May 17, 2017

13:00 CET

(duration 60 min.)

The challenges and experiences in developing multi-objective basin plans
 - Geoff Wright (Niras) and Børge Storm (DHI):

Shire river basin, Malawi – challenges and experiences from the development of the multi-sectoral Shire River Basin Plan 

- Sílvia Leirião (DHI): Basin planning application developed as part of the Floods and Drought project – objectives and demonstration


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