UNEP-DHI Water Quality Webinars

UNEP-DHI Presents Water Quality Webinar Series

UNEP-DHI Partnership, in collaboration with DHI, presents a series of 6 webinars that will give an introduction to the basic challenges and issues related to water quality. The purpose of the WQ Webinars is to raise awareness of the importance of water quality and introduce participants to the main challenges to the quality of our water resources. Throughout the webinar series, a number of case studies from around the globe will also show how some of these challenges have been addressed.

Webinar participants will get the opportunity to ask direct questions to presenters during the live sessions. All WQ Webinars will be recorded and recordings will be made available on this site (see WQ Webinar overview below).

Water Quality Webinar Series have now concluded with great success. You can still retrieve all materials and session recordings via links below.

UNEP-DHI Water Webinar Series







September 16th 2015, 15.00 CEST

Global goals and European lessons learned

-Peter Koefoed Bjørnsen, UNEP-DHI: How is Water Quality related to global water targets such as the MDG’s or the future SDG’s?

- Interview with Joachim Harlin, Water sector expert, UNDP

- Jørgen Krogsgaard, DHI: Working with water quality – an example from India.

- Jesper Dannisøe, DHI: Water Framework Directive as a framework for water quality - policy and management.

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September 30th, 2015, 15.00 CEST


(duration 45 min.)

Water Quality: the Key Challenges

-Claus Jørgensen, Water Quality Expert at DHI: Why is water quality essential for human health and wellbeing?

-Jørgen Krogsgaard, Water quality management and modelling expert at DHI: In which ways do natural processes and human activities impact water quality?

-Jesper Dannisøe, Water quality expert at DHI: Water scarcity and Climate Change – impacts on Water Quality.

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October 14th, 2015, 15.00 CEST


(duration 45 min.)

Frameworks for Water Quality Governance

- Jan Hassing, Water Quality governance expert at DHI: How to include water quality as part of a comprehensive water policy. Requirements to the institutional framework for water quality management – policy, legislation and regulation.

- Lisbeth Flindt Jørgensen, Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland: Groundwater and links between groundwater and water quality – governance framework to protect groundwater.

- Miriam Feilberg, senior advisor at DANVA: How to improve public understanding of water and quality related issues and how to involve stakeholders in water quality management.

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October 28th, 2015,

15.00 CET


(duration 45 min.)

Water Quality Interventions

-Jesper Dannisøe, Water quality expert at DHI, WFD and EIA: Which Technical Solutions can be used to improve water quality?

-Anders Erichsen, Water modelling expert at DHI: What types of models are available and what can be achieved by modelling water quality and water quality scenarios?

-Claus Jørgensen, Water quality expert at DHI: Bathing water and water in the landscape – links to health and safety – tools to achieve this.

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November 11th, 2015,

15.00 CET


(duration 45 min.)

Water Quality Management and Regulation Tools

- Jesper Dannisøe, Water quality expert at DHI, WFD and EIA: Which management and regulation tools are available such as licensing, financial instruments, modelling and monitoring. Monitoring and controlling point and non-point pollution and other water quality issues.

- Philipp Saile, GEMS/Water –UNEP: Monitoring the Sustainable Development Goals and national assessements – why is this important and what is needed to do so.

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November 25th, 2015,

15.00 CET


(duration 45 min.)

Data and Knowledge Management for Water Quality

- Gorm Dige, European Environment Agency: European Water Quality. Experiences with pricing and cost recovery.

- Jesper Dannisøe, Water quality expert at DHI on WFD and EIA: Environmental Impact Assessments as a tool for WQ management.

- Lars Boye Hansen, Senior Project Manager at DHI GRAS: Opportunities and experiences in using Earth Observation data in support of global water quality.

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For more information (and feedback) contact: Maija Bertule mabe@dhigroup.com.