Water Webinars

Water Webinar Series

UNEP-DHI is collaborating with a wide range of organizations in hosting series of webinars, focusing on best practice and innovation in water resource management. UNEP-DHI webinar series are targeted at water practitioners of all levels, including policy-makers, technical staff and water educators.

Following thematic webinar series can be accessed via our website (5 topic webinars in each):

- Source to Sea Management Webinars: Linking SDGs 6 + 14: From Source-to-Sea (ongoing)
Flood and Drought Management Webinars: Technology innovation for better Flood and Drought management (ongoing)
- Water Innovation Webinars: Approaching the SDGs through Innovation in Water Management (concluded - recordings available)
- Water Quality Webinars (concluded - recordings available)

To register for upcoming webinars and view recordings of past sessions, visit the links above. All webinars are recording and session materials, including video recording, are made available through our website.

For more information (and feedback) contact: Maija Bertule mabe@dhigroup.com.

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Water Webinars