Assessments, Indicators, Guidelines, Policy Briefs and Environmental Publications

The UNEP-DHI Centre is able to develop assessments, indicators, guidelines and policy briefs on issues such as climate change, coastal zone management, water quality, integrated water resources (IWRM) and ecosystems management.

The Centre was one of the main contributors to the Status Report IWRM for CSD16 and took the leading roll in coordinating the follow-up report from CSD 20.

The Centre has recently launched two publications on transboundary water resources management. The first is a review of ecosystems approaches in transboundary basins and was prepared in close collaboration with IISD (Read here). The second publication is a report based on a survey of IWRM practices and includes a series of recommendations for strengthening transboundary river basin organizations (Read here).

The Centre was also a main contributing author on the recent joint UNEP and IWMI publications on ecosystems for water and food security (Synthesis Report: “An Ecosystem Services Approach to Water and Food Security”“Background Document: Ecosystems for Water and Food Security” )

The Centre has contributed to UN-Water policy briefs on water quality and climate change adaptation and water. And is a regular contributor to UNEP’s Global Environmental Outlook and UNESCO’s World Water Development Reports.