Customised Training and Capacity Building

The Centre is able to offer customized training and capacity building programmes and other capacity building approaches aimed at strengthening both individuals and their institutions. During the last four years more +500 professionals from +50 countries have been trained by UNEP-DHI staff in subjects such as water quality, water and climate change, water assessment, and water and ecosystems, as well as IWRM and modelling of water resources. Some of the most recent examples of these kinds of initiatives include:

 Initiative People Trained  Regions/Countries Involved 
IWRM and ecosystems capacity building training course (EU ACP project) (2008-11)  80 water managers Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Gambia
Regional Training of Trainers in River Basin Organizations and Management (2010)  30 higher level technical people  Myanmar, Thailand and Cambodia 
Water officials from all Volta Basin countries trained in mainstreaming National IWRM planning in Transboundary Diagnostic Analysis (TDA) and Strategic Action Planning (SAP) of the Volta Basin (2008)  30 water professionals   Volta Basin
 Training Workshop in Shoreline Management and Coastal Processes (UN CC DARE Project) (2010)  16 mid-level technical staff  Seychelles
 Development, implementation and on-site training of local staff in hydrological modeling software for the Lake Faguibine System (2010)  15 basin staff  Mali
Water Quality Training Course 1 of 2 (Kenya, 2011) 20 water professionals Burundi, DR Congo, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, South Africa, South Sudan, Tanzania, and Uganda, Zimbabwe
Water Quality Training Course 2 of 2 (Sri Lanka, 2011) 20 water professionals Argentina, Brazil, Guatemala, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Malaysia, South Africa, Thailand, Uganda, and Vietnam
IWRM Planning Training Courses For water managers in Gambia, Guinea and Guinea Bissau (EU ACP project) (2008) 45 participants from multiple backgrounds Gambia, Guinea and Guinea Bissau
Trainers training in IWRM as tool for adaptation to Climate Change (2008) 22 trainers Thailand
Training course/seminar for African water managers in IWRM monitoring and development of IWRM indicators (2009) 30 water managers 23 African countries
Technical support to Senegal’s Department of Regional Planning in order to update the Urban Development Plans of coastal settlements (2010) 7 mid-level Department of Environment employees Senegal
Multi-stakeholder workshops aimed at identifying climate problems and solutions (UN CC DARE Project) (2008-2011) 30x6 participants from government and civil society Mozambique, Seychelles, Ghana, Rwanda, Togo and Malawi
Regional Workshop in climate change and water resources management (UN CC DARE Project) (2009) 35 people from ministries, NGOs and educational organizations 8 African countries
Workshops on WRIAM assessment tool for water managers in Cameroon and Sierra Leone (April and November 2008) 30 professionals Cameroon and Sierra Leone
Workshop on scoring model use and design in water quality monitoring systems (2010) 20 high level technical people 10 African countries