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UNEP-DHI Centre staff consists of leading professionals with a diverse range of skills and experiences. UNEP-DHI Centre draws upon DHI’s technical expertise, across departments and geographies, on a flexible basis based on needs and demands. In a typical year, this results in approximately 30-40 DHI technical staff supporting the Centre’s work. 

Core staff

Joakim Harlin

Chief Manager of unep-dhi centre

Dr. Joakim Harlin leads the UNEP-DHI Centre, providing an important anchor to UNEP, as well as strategic direction. Joakim is a water resources and international development professional. He is also head of the Freshwater Unit of UNEP in Nairobi and he is responsible for the overall coordination and implementation of global policies and programmes under the Freshwater Strategy 2017-2021. Also serves as UNEP’s representative in UN-Water and leads its Expert Group in support of Agenda 2030. 

Gareth James Lloyd

Deputy chief manager

Gareth James Lloyd is responsible for overseeing the implementation of the Centre’s work, as well as coordinating the Centre’s ongoing development, under the guidance of Joakim. He has degrees in environmental science and development policy from universities in the United Kingdom and Denmark, and has previously worked in software development in the private sector. 

Maija Bertule

Senior technical advisor

Maija has a degree in international development and environmental planning and her work over the last years has specifically focused on supporting the global monitoring and reporting on SDG 6, climate change adaptation, green infrastructure and strategic science and indicator use for improved water management. Maija is part of the core team at UNEP-DHI Centre, as well as the SDG indicator team in UNEP, supporting countries in their reporting on integrated water resources management implementation.

Paul Glennie

Senior technical advisor

Paul Glennie’s areas of expertise include integrated water resources management and transboundary cooperation (SDG Target 6.5), climate change adaptation, information management systems for sustainable development and freshwater ecosystem management. Previously, Paul worked in flood modelling in Australia, where he now lives. 

Associated staff

Oluf Zeilund Jessen

HEAD OF Water Resources Department

Henrik Larsen

Senior water resources expert

Silvia Leiriao

Water resources engineer

Per Bøgelund Hansen

Senior water resources advisor

Laura Comeau

Senior hydrologist

Bertrand Richaud


Alexandra Murray

Water resources engineer

Kim Wium Olesen

Chief Engineer

Christian Tøttrup

Senior Project Manager

Jens Erik Lyngby

Chief advisor

Chengzi Chew

Business development manager

Torsten Bondo

Programme Coordinator and Senior Scientist


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