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Qaraoun Lake in Lebanon

Webinar: Towards stronger IWRM implementation in the Arab Region

The recent Status Report on the Implementation of Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) in the Arab Region reveals a keen need for accelerated action. This webinar on July 26th will inform on the report’s key findings, discuss the key enablers for IWRM implementation, and lay out the support available to countries in reporting, planning, and implementing IWRM.

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elephant at a watering hole

Why UNEP-DHI Centre is an increasingly key UNEP freshwater partner

The UNEP-DHI centre is a long-term partner of the United Nations Environment Programme, providing cutting-edge technical expertise to aid the implementation of Sustainable Development Goal 6 on water. Gareth James Lloyd, the centre’s deputy Chief Manager, explains how UNEP-DHI came to being, and why it’s work on freshwater ecosystems is critical for UNEP.

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Flooding in Beletweyne

Reducing the impact of flash floods in Somalia

Interlocking problems of illegal logging, deforestation, land degradation, and climate change exacerbate the risk of devastating flooding in Somalia. Ahead of flash flood season, UNEP-DHI has released a study to aid flood management using nature-based solutions.

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dock leading out onto a lake
Online Courses

Training of Facilitators Course for SDG 6.5.1

The SDG 6 IWRM Support Programme has developed a freely accessible Training of Facilitators Course on SDG 6.5.1. The course is aimed at facilitators interested in organising a multi-stakeholder consultation process on SDG indicator 6.5.1.

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